We are an Ip Man Wing Chun Kung Fu Club based in Egham and Staines-Upon-Thames in Surrey, ideally situated to near to Chertsey, Virginia Water, Englefield Green and Windsor.

What is Wing Chun Kung Fu?

Wing chun is a unique and effective martial art, a style of Kung Fu originating from China later refined by the Late master Ip Man in Hong Kong. Ip Man taught around the world, his most famous student was notorious Bruce Lee.

It's fluid techniques, quick footwork, rapid strikes and tight defence make this martial art an effective form of self defence for men and women of all sizes.

By redirecting the force of an attack to ones advantage, a Wing Chun practitoner can defend themselves against a larger, stronger opponent. It is a close range Martial Art, we specialise in closing in on the opponent instead of keeping a distance.

As a style of Kung Fu (Chinese term  meaning 'Acheiving your best through hard work'), you will become the best you can be through hard training and learning techniques including striking, trapping, the empty hand forms, Wooden Dummy, weapons, Chi Sau (sticky hand) and guided Sparring to learn how to engage with an opponent. 

Wing Chun Kung Fu in Egham and Staines

​​​Ip Man Wing Chun kung fu school in Egham and Staines